Ductless HVAC

When you want to avoid the major renovation of ductwork, but you’re looking for rewarding and efficient heating and cooling, W.F. Hann & Sons has the ideal solution.  There’s no need to cut holes in walls or ceilings, and you can get rid of costly space heaters, window fans, and portable A/C units.  With a modern, ductless mini split system, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of perfect temperature control.  Let the NATE-certified team from W.F. Hann & Sons handle installation, and your project will be completed on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.  We offer leading Carrier systems, delivering reliability, quiet operation, and maximum benefit from your investment.

ductlessDuctless mini splits are comprised of two main components; the outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor air handling unit.  Conduit houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, requiring only a small, three-inch hole in an outside wall.  Taking advantage of inverter technology, these modern little systems continually adapt to varying conditions within the home, functioning at lower speeds for longer cycles to operate at peak efficiency.  And because it draws less power than a conventional air conditioner and eliminates energy losses from ductwork, these systems are extremely efficient.  No matter the size of your space, or whether you’re looking to improve comfort in just one or up to eight rooms, the innovation of a ductless mini split will meet your highest expectation.

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One of the many benefits of a mini split system is zone control.  The indoor units mount high on the wall and work from individual thermostats.  This gives you the ability to heat and cool only specific rooms of the house, avoiding the energy waste of conditioning unoccupied spaces.  You’ll also enjoy customizing room temperatures to personalized preferences.  And with the convenience of a remote, you adjust temperatures, fan speeds, switch from heating to cooling, and more, all from the touch of a button.  With slim, lightweight design, and operational sounds as quiet as a whisper, these systems integrate easily into any decor.  The outdoor unit is also extremely compact, and can be located up to fifty feet away for unobtrusive placement.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the team from W.F. Hann & Sons is held to exacting criteria of customer service, business practices, and technical know-how.  Continued factory training keeps our technicians updated with industry developments.  Extensive in-field experience, strict service procedures, and comprehensive product knowledge ensures rewarding operation, longevity, and energy savings from your investment.  Your licensed technician from W.F. Hann & Sons will complete a load calculation to determine the exact size for each indoor unit, and recommend proper placement for ideal performance.

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Count on W.F. Hann & Sons for personalized service, knowledgeable recommendations, and precision workmanship.  We provide detailed proposals, upfront pricing, and convenient financing options.  With an industry background of over a hundred years, we’ve not only seen, done, and handled every imaginable challenge, we’ve upheld an unwavering commitment to quality.  For installation, maintenance, or repair of your ductless mini split in Warrensville Heights and throughout Cleveland, Pepper Pike, Chagrin Falls, Highland Heights, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Lyndhurst, Willoughby Hills and University Heights, OH, expect superior service and results from W.F. Hann & Sons.  We answer the most exacting comfort demands with straightforward, cost-effective and rewarding solutions.  On time, organized, and on budget completion of your project, combined with our Quality Assurance Guarantee, are the keys to your 100% satisfaction.