Westlake Air Purifier

Westlake Air Purifier

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W.F. Hann & Sons is recognized throughout the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area and Northeastern Ohio for supplying the finest, cutting-edge air purifier, air cleaner and air filter systems into residences and businesses. Our superior air cleaner products are known for:

  • Removing airborne particles, common allergens, and odors
  • Removing: bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, pet and cooking odors, pet dander, pollen, VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Delivering home and system protection up to a six- or 12-month air filter-life, depending on the air filter

These are just some of the many reasons why our Westlake neighbors continue to seek out W.F. Hahn & Sons when they are searching for the most outstanding air cleaner products in the industry.

Westlake Air Cleaner

Westlake, Ohio has approximately 34,000 residents and is in Cuyahoga County. W.F. Hann & Sons is a little over 25 miles east of Westlake and located at 26401 Miles Road, in Warrensville Heights. Our focus has always been to ensure that our Westlake neighbors are able to receive the highest quality air purifier services that suit their needs so that they, their families and their customers are safeguarded against harmful pathogens in their homes and offices. W.F. Hann & Sons’ advanced air cleaner systems offer the protection we believe our clients deserve.

Westlake Air Filter

With an affordable and efficient W.F. Hann air cleaner in your Westlake home or office, your whole environment will be detoxified, and it will be a far healthier place for you and all who enter its premises. For more information about having a W.F. Hann & Sons’ air purifier, air cleaner, or air filter installed in your home or office, call us, today, at 216-831-4200.

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