Air Conditioning Service

Once you’ve invested in air conditioning, you expect to enjoy cool comfort throughout the long, hot summer.  You certainly don’t want to be confronted with sudden repairs, higher than necessary energy bills, or system failure.  Contacting W.F. Hann & Sons for annual maintenance delivers superior temperature and humidity control, lower cost of ownership, and dependable operation from your cooling system.  You’ll benefit from a cleaner, healthier home environment, more consistent cooling, and lengthened service life.  Whether your system is nearly new or very old, professional service is equally important, helping to avoid unnecessary expenses, property damage, and disruption.

Get expert A/C service to help keep you cool!

acOur NATE-certified technicians work on all makes and models, verifying safe operation, and performing meticulous cleaning, troubleshooting, and tuning.  By completing an extensive list of tasks, designed to restore equipment to factory condition, we protect your investment and comfort, promoting quieter and more efficient operation.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, W.F. Hann & Sons meets rigid criteria for training, and adheres to exacting service procedures.   We accommodate your busy schedule, complete timely service, and protect surfaces from damage.  Our technicians arrive on time, dressed professionally in uniform, and keep an organized job site, clearing away all debris and reclaiming discarded equipment for proper disposal.  Contact W.F. Hann & Sons for affordable and rewarding yearly HVAC maintenance in Warrensville Heights and across Cleveland, Pepper Pike, Chagrin Falls, Highland Heights, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Lyndhurst, Willoughby Hills and University Heights, OH.

A few of the many advantages of professional maintenance from W.F. Hann & Sons include:

  • Energy Savings – Over months and years of service, dust accumulation, restricted airflow, and minor issues within the system will gradually lead to decreased efficiency.  By optimizing all components, W.F. Hann & Sons effectively restores your system, delivering superior comfort for lower monthly costs.
  • Fewer Repairs – Seasonal troubleshooting uncovers minor problems before they turn into major malfunctions, eliminating the majority of repair needs.
  • Longer Service Life – The estimated lifespan of your cooling equipment is directly impacted by regular, proactive service.  As faults within the system are caught and corrected, the cooling unit resists wear and tear, operating properly, year after year.
  • Healthier Air Quality – The inner workings of your cooling system create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, algae, and fungi to flourish.  Air ducts may even harbor bugs, pollen, construction debris, or decomposing animals.  Rather than risk the introduction of harmful spores and bacteria into your breathing air, let the qualified technicians from W.F. Hann & Sons complete thorough, professional cleaning.
  • Convenience – W.F. Hann & Sons prepares your cooling equipment for the summer workload, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, efficient, and superior comfort.  If you should face any problems with your air conditioner, our team of NATE-certified technicians are always available to provide the help you need, 24/7.

For the highest quality air conditioner service in Warrensville Heights and surrounding areas, contact W.F. Hann & Sons today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cleveland, Pepper Pike, Chagrin Falls, Highland Heights, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Lyndhurst, Willoughby Hills and University Heights, OH